Friday, 31 October 2008

Wednesday 29th October 2008

Cold and windy

I had a quick stomp around Orcombe Point, Exmouth at lunchtime today. It was cold despite the westerly wind blowing, and small birds were keeping hidden to a large extent. I left the car at Foxholes Hill as usual and a Coal Tit flew into a small fir tree by the car. I wandered out slowly to the point, checking the bushes and hedgerows on the way. Three Curlew flew over heading towards the top fields. There were a great many crows feeding in the fields around the point, including quite a few Rooks, a bird which doesn't always make its presence felt in this area. A large commotion occurred when a Raven flew low through the assembled throngs! I had a quick scan over the sea, which to a large extent was pretty calm. There were 6 Common Scoters (3 of each sex) a little way out from the western end of Sandy Bay beach. I walked up to the top cliffs, but it was quite exposed up here, and I quickly decided to return back down to the point, with time running out as well. 4 more Curlew headed over towards the top fields. A Goldcrest and a few Long-tailed Tits were moving quickly through the bushes below the campfield, but nothing else of note was seen. I plodded back to the car and returned to the dubious delights of the office!

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