Thursday, 5 December 2013

I'm back!!!

Yes, I'm back after a 4 and a half year absence! I'm older, wiser and stick more to my local patch and have started visiting more countries when funds allow, than all that time ago when I started this blog. Ok, my grammar is still the same, my spelling is probably off the mark and I might cuss a bit more, but hey, I am getting into serving my apprentice years as an old codger. Still working though (thanks Mr Bleddy-Cameron) and plan on travelling abroad more with my lovely wife. Since my last post, we've visited Cyprus, Mallorca (Spain), Algarve (Portugal), Tuscany and Liguria (Italy), Cote D'Azur (France) and Monaco. Birding highlights for me were Black Francolin, Eleonora's Falcon, Masked Shrike and Cretzschmar's Bunting in Cyprus, Audouin's Gull, Balearic Warbler, Griffon and Black (Cinereous) Vultures in Mallorca, Black-shouldered Kite, Azure-winged Magpie and Rock Bunting in the Algarve, Short-toed Eagle and Moltoni's Warbler in Tuscany and Bonelli's Eagle in Monaco, all of which were Lifers. I'm still covering my local patch, which is Exmouth. The boundaries are defined by the Civil Parish borders and directly offshore from the seafront. More on this later. I won't be publishing quite so often as I did 4 years ago, but any good birds seen will get a mention.

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