Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Couldn't resist any longer!

After work, I just couldn't resist it any longer. I succumbed! I had to do it! Yes, I decided that with the weather set fair, and the continued presence of the bird, I just wanted to see it, and time allowed me to do just that. I finally gave in and drove up to Northam Burrows to see the Collared Pratincole! I arrived at 1730hrs, walked straight out to Greens 9/10 on the golf course and there it was. No hanging around for hours in inclement weather waiting for the bird to turn up for yours truly! It was such a beautiful bird, I watched it for over 2 hours - it was still present when I left, having only seen it fly a short distance. A dog ran past it - it didn't fly. A couple walked close past it - it didn't fly! That was when I realised that by inching forward slowly and with due regard to the other 4 birders present, we could approach the bird down to about 12 yards. Soon, I was getting 'scope-filling views and if you look at the Devon bird news webpage, you can see the type of photos that could be obtained! personally, I think the bird was so full of food, it was loathe to move very far, it certainly had loads of flies and grubs to feed on. Other birds included masses of Wheatears of both northern forms, singing Sedge Warblers and my first 'White' Wagtail of the year in with some Pied.

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