Saturday, 4 January 2014

Birding - Hit and miss

Now I regularly read Matt Knott's 'birdingexmouth' blog as I live in this excellent birding locality. Reading Matt's blog last night alerted me to a Black Redstart at Sandy Bay, so I duly wandered down to the spot this morning. I picked up a few 2014 'Exmouth ticks' including Razorbill, Buzzard and Grey Wagtail. However, despite giving the spot a good grilling, there was absolutely no sign of the Black Redstart! In fact, I KNOW that the bird was not on the beach at all! Imagine my consternation, when on logging on to Matt's Blog this evening, I find that he managed to photograph the bird again this afternoon! AARRGGHH!! And that's birding for you - so hit and miss sometimes you question your sanity. I will try for the bird again and definitely in the afternoon, but looking at tomorrow's horrendous forecast, it won't be for a few days.

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