Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Smug! (but how long for?)

Having set myself a target on December 31st last year to try my utmost to get at least one new Year tick every day in January, I have succeeded up to now! Peregrine was added on Monday, Marsh Tit on Tuesday, and today I found myself up at Venn Ottery Common where it seems that Jack Snipe and Woodcock have been making appearances for all-comers. Now, I didn't have the foggiest idea which part of the common to search for these birds, so I just wandered vaguely round hoping that I would come across something interesting. I hadn't gone far when I saw a Jack Snipe - object achieved! But I was less lucky with Woodcock, I couldn't find any anywhere! But that will keep for another day. I heard a Great Spotted Woodpecker calling and also a Buzzard mewing, but it wasn't until I was heading back to the car that I obtained my second Year tick of the day when a Crossbill conveniently flew over calling, but it was too quick for me to see whether it was a male or female, my views confined to a silhouette disappearing into the distance! Only two days to go and that will be that. I'm going to go out and enjoy my birding at a more leisurely pace, and cover my local patch more in February. (Well, that's the plan anyway!).

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