Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sunday 1st February 2009

Biting Cold Sidmouth

Julia and I travelled over to Sidmouth today, but found it very cold with a biting cold south-eaterly wind coming straight in off the sea. I dashed round Connaught gardens, which being on top of the cliff, were more exposed than usual! I peered down on to the sea with watering eyes, and found a pair of Common Scoters diving in the surf, below the cliff. I next got my telescope on one of the rock islands which have been placed there to break up heavy seas and save the seafront from huge batterings. There, stood on the leeward side were 2 Purple Sandpipers, my first of the year. They soon disappeared down between the rocks, obviously sheltering from the elements. I could not find anything else worth mentioning and my eyes were watering so much from the continual blast of very cold wind that I soon retreated back to the car.

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